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What is the difference between flash stamp and Atomic stamp

The structure of the atomic seal is generally the stamp body (plastic shell) and the atomic pad (the core part). The atomic pad is an industrial high-hardness sponge. It can absorb ink and store the ink in the gap of the sponge. When pressed, The ink is squeezed out, and the protruding part of the characters touches the paper, thereby printing the ink on the paper. The requirements of the Atomic seal for stamp oil are much lower, not so high. Water-based and  oil-based inks can be used, because the gaps for storing inks in this industrial sponge are much larger than the small holes on the photosensitive pad. The production of the atomic pad requires a laser engraving machine, which emits a very thin and powerful laser beam through a laser tube. The light passing through the lens is actually a magnifying glass principle, concentrating a beam of light to a point, so that the energy of the light is concentrated. When the light hits the atomic pad, it will burn the atomic pad to make it concave by 0.1-0.5 cm, and the depth can be adjusted. The greater the laser energy, the deeper the burning of the atomic pad. In this way, the part with words remains. The burning of the other parts is concave, and an atomic pad is completed.

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